Destinations, Travel Suggestions, Tickets, Private Guides, Private Tours...
Destinations, Travel Suggestions, Tickets, Private Guides, Private Tours...

Who we are, what we do?

I will explain very basicly;

We are receiving requests for private guiding in various languages and cities, through our websites. We will pass you the actual requests with all details (dates, number of person, phone numbre etc), you will contact to the guest and offer them your prices and services. They will pay to you in cash and after you realized the tour you will transfer 15% commision through “”. Commissions are applied for guiding services + vehicle and for all the days booked, under your selling rate.

What is your websites’ names?

Some of our sample pages are below. Most of our pages are under “” since it is a stronger domain. Another website,“” is not well established yet but we will be ready to transfer all the webpages to within one year.

Whats more?

Will I pay 15 % from my guiding fee? It’s up to you; you can pay from your own guiding fee or you can add the 15% to your guiding fee. This applies equally to vehicle services.

Cancellations; please accept all the guest we pass you as your private guests. If you like you can ask prepayment from them or you can just trust them after receiving their confirmation. According to our experiences cancellation rates are very low (like 5 %) after the guest confirms you.

Whatsapp; we also will require from you to use whatsapp efficiently (by checking at least a few times in a day), because all the works will be running through whatsapp, we have to reply the guest within 24 hours, otherwise we may loose the work.

How to trust each other? Actually as a guide you have no risk and nothing to loose, because the guest will pay you the amount you asked. From our side, we contact with the guest by sending a survey to learn their satisfaction, which tours they realized and how much they paid.

Where are you based? We are a group of tour guides based in Istanbul, Turkey.

The destinations we collobrate for; Istanbul, Paris, Rome, Dubai, Barcelona, Helsinki, London, New York, Berlin, Prague, Amsterdam, Madrid, Bangkok

All is ok for me, how to go on? 

Please just revert me on whatsapp (+905335508835) and ask for the first request to start collobration!

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