Istanbul Arabic Speaking Tour Guide

Istanbul Arabic Speaking Tour Guide

Istanbul Arabic Speaking Tour Guide; hello and welcome to our beautiful city. I’ve been learning Arabic language for three months and also studying tourist guiding at a university in Turkey. If you are looking for an Arabic speaking guide in Istanbul I would be more than happy to accompany you for free of charge¬† (my goal will be practising my Arabic). I don’t have a guiding certificate and I am not an official guide yet so I am just offering to show you around as a friend,¬† to give you necessary tips and recommendations for free…in return I want to practice my Arabic with you.

For your information I am a 50 years old, intellectual and easy going gentleman and have been living in Istanbul since 1974. For living, I worked as an international tour leader / guide for Turkish and travelled more than 35 countries.

What To See In Istanbul

Sure you can make the most touristic routes like museums, palaces etc with a licenced guide. But here I am offering you another side of Istanbul which is not touristic in Kadikoy district. Kadikoy is the central settlement in the Asia side of Istanbul. It’s a popular and historical and a trendy area since Taksim and Istiklal Street is disfavored by local people anymore. Kadikoy and nearby Moda districts are young, trendy and lively area with lots of hidden gourmet treasures and rich shopping facilities as well. You will see here the local social life and how Turkish people live, in an enviroment totally out of touristic feel.

arabic local guide in istanbul

If you like we can combine Kadikoy district with Uskudar as well by visiting the famous Maidens Tower and Mimar Sinan’s Mihrimah Sultan Mosque.

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