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Destinations, Travel Suggestions, Tickets, Private Guides, Private Tours...

Louvre Museum Tickets

Louvre Museum Tickets

Louvre Museum Tickets (Click to see the prices); Address; 75058 Paris (1er Arrondissement). Phone; +33 (0) 140 20 53 17. Opening Hours; open everyday except tuesdays from 09:00 to 18:00. Closed on 01.01, 01.05, 25.12. Wednesday and Friday evenings open till 21:45. Public Transportation; Metro Lines 1 & 7, Palais-Royal Musee du Louvre Station. By Public Bus; bus numbers 21, 24, 27, 39, 48, 68, 69, 72, 81, 95. By Batobus; François Mitterand Bay. Admission; starts from 15 € as of 2017-2018.

Worldwide famous Louvre Museum which is located in the center “1st arrondissement” of Paris is the world’s largest, richest and also one of the oldest museums on arts and history. You can enter to Louvre Museum quickly without waiting in long lines if you already bought your ticket here. Or having a Paris Museum Pass also helps you. When you have your ticket in your hand, you can enter the museum by the gate of Glass Pyramid at the main courtyard of the museum.

buying online tickets to enter louvre museum skip the line
Louvre Museum

General Information on Louvre Museum

With around ten million visitors each year, Louvre Museum is the most visited museum in the world. In the museum 460.000 valuable artifacts and historical objects are exhibited in a total area of 60.600 square meters which had been collected from France and almost all parts of the world. Louvre Museum is established in the Palace of Louvre (Palais du Louvre). This huge palace was initially built as a fortress during the King Philip II in the 12th century. Inside the basement of the palace you can still see the remaining walls of this castle.

The Louvre Museum was inaugurated in 1793, exhibiting 537 paintings belonging to the church and royal family. During Napoleonic period the number of paintings and artifacts increased and the name of the museum was changed to Napoleon Museum (Musee Napoleon). During the rule of Louis XVIII and Charles X the collection reached to 200.000 pieces. And during the Third Republican era the collection reached to 400.000 pieces by inheritance and donations.

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