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Destinations, Travel Suggestions, Tickets, Private Guides, Private Tours...
Destinations, Travel Suggestions, Tickets, Private Guides, Private Tours...

Vatican and Colosseum Tickets

vatican colosseum combo ticket

Vatican and Colosseum Tickets Vatican and Colosseum Tickets; The Vatican Museums and the Colosseum are the most visited museums in Rome and Italy. So it is quite difficult to enter these museums. In every period of the year, you have to wait in quite long ticket lines before entering in. This waiting time may take … Read more


kolezyum roma

Colosseum The Colosseum is also known as Flavian Amphitheater and is the largest ancient theater building in the world. It is the second most visited museum in Italy and the eighth most visited museum in the world with 6 million visitors in a year. The building is also among the most important works of the … Read more

St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican

st peters basilica vatican

St. Peter’s Basilica St. Peters Basilica, the most sacred church of Catolic religion is located in Vatican State in Rome. Saint Peter, one of the apostles of Jesus was crucified and buried at the site of current basilica by Romans in 67 BC. The first church was built by Roman Emperor Constantianus on the site … Read more

Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel

vatican museum

Vatican Museum Vatican Museum / Vatican Museums (Museu Vaticani) (buy your skip-the-line ticket here) are the museums of Vatican City State located in Rome, Italy. There is an enormous richness of art collection in the museums, especially from the Renaissance Period, collected by the popes for centuries. Visitors may see the world-famous Sistine Chapel with … Read more

Vatican Sistine Chapel

Frescoes of Sistine Chapel, judgement day

Sistine Chapel The famous Sistine Chapel is in the Pope’s “Apostolic Palace” inside Vatican State and one of the must see places in Vatican Museums. The official name of this gorgeous church is Capella Magna or Cappella Maggiore (Greate Chapel) and it was constructed by Pope Sixtus IVth during the 15th century. The Chapel was … Read more

How To Buy Vatican Tickets Online?

How To Buy Vatican Tickets? Vatican Tickets (Vatican Museums / Musei Vaticani) – Tickets for Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel are valid only for one day and for the date written on the ticket. However it is almost impossible to see all paintings, artpieces and  sights in one day since Vatican Museums are really huge, … Read more