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Destinations, Travel Suggestions, Tickets, Private Guides, Private Tours...
Destinations, Travel Suggestions, Tickets, Private Guides, Private Tours...

Private Tour Guide In Paris

Private Tour Guide In Paris

Tours and tickets in Paris | Hotels in Paris

Private Tour Guide In Paris; if you need a professional and private tour guide and other services in Paris please contact us here. The capital city of Paris is the biggest, most cosmopolitan, colorful and touristic city of France. Paris has around 12 million metropolitan population and the city receives 40 million visitors each year. Paris is famous for its art and history museums like Louvre and Orsay, the symbolic Eiffel Tower, avant-garde artictic trends, gastronomy and much more. This is not a city that you can visit the main touristic attractions in a few days, especially if you are not well organized. The best way to visit the city is to angage with a professional and official tour guide. Only an official tour guide will have priority to skip the long ticket lines. An official guide will help you to save your time, energy and most importantly you will learn and enjoy in your tours. If you like to visit Paris with the help of a professional tour guide, please have a look our our recommended tour programs below.

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Recommended Tours In Paris

1- DAY 1, Paris City Tour (8 hours)

Full Day Tour With a Private Tour Guide In Paris; in this tour you will have a private vehicle and will be picked up from your hotel. The tour will consist of panoramic sightseeing, photo stops and some walking tours in various locations. During the tour you will see the most iconic, interesting and beautiful touristic attractions of Paris and also learn a lot regarding the arts, history, architecture and culture of living in Paris. Here are some of the places to see during this tour; Opera Garnier which is the source of inspire for the Phantom Of The Opera, Place Vendome, the Royal Palace and Louvre Museum (from outside), Seine River, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Town Hall, the beloved bohemian and marginal quarter “Marais”, Latin Quartier where the Sorbonne University and Panteon are located, Luxembourg Gardens, Church Of Saint Sulpice, “Saint Germain” the quarter of the artists and musicans, you can have a lunch in a typical bistro here. During the afternoon, our tour will go on with French Institute and Orsay Museum (from outside). Some of the other places to see; Concord Square where the last king and queen of Versailles Palace was executed by guillotine. Boulveard Champ Elysees, Grand Palais, Arc de Triomphe, “Les Invalides” the tomb of Napoleon, Eiffel Tower, Montmartre the famous quarter where Renoir, Picasso, Van Gogh and much more painters had lived. And the final places will be Place du Tertre and the magnificent basilica of Sacre Coeur. (This tour will be realized by a private tour guide living in Paris).

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2- DAY 2, Louvre Museum and Seine River Boat Tour (5 hours)

Discover Louvre Museum with a private tour guide in Paris. Louvre Museum is the most favorite tourist attraction along with Eiffel Tower in Paris. The museum has the largest collection of the world in the field of archeology and arts. Since more than 400.000 pieces are exhibited in the museum you need to be very well organized and choose what to see. Otherwise we recommend you to angage with an official tour guide. If you join in a private tour you will see and learn the most valuable pieces without hustling and loosing yourself in the museum. For the tour, you may meet with your guide in the courtyard of Louvre Museum. In this way you will not wait in the long ticket lines since the official guides has priority to collect the entrance tickets. You may spend 3 hours in Louvre Museum and later on, if you like to go on, you can have a relaxing boat tour in the river along with your guide. During this 1 hour boat tour you will enjoy Paris from another aspect with more explanations. Finally, the the tour will end on the courtyard of the Louvre. (This tour will be realized by a private tour guide living in Paris).

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3- DAY 3, Orsay Museum Tour (3 hours)

Discover the masterpieces of impressionist art with a private tour guide in Paris; if you wish to visit just one museum for the famous paintings, we believe that this should be the Musée d’Orsay.  Orsay Museum has the largest and most important impressionist and post impressionist collection in the world. You may meet with your guide in front of the museum (or if you prefer from your hotel), and your guide will show and explain you only the most important paintings among the thousands. Some of the most famous painters represented in the museum are “Manet, Degas, Monet, Cezanne, Renoir, Seurat, Sisley, Berthe Morisot, Toulouse Lautrec, Gauguin and Van Gogh”. Additionally, if you are interested, you can see more collections on sculpture, photography and furniture in the museum. The museum is housed in a former train station from 1900, which you will also find it interesting. (This tour will be realized by a private tour guide living in Paris).

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4- DAY 4, Versailles Palace And Giverny Tour (8 hours)

On the trail of Monet with a private tour guide in Paris; if you have enough days in Paris, this tour is ideal to see the beauties around the city. In this tour you will have a private vehicle along with a private tour guide. The guide may pick you up in the morning from your hotel or anywhere else. In the first part of the tour you will visit the famous Palace of Versailles (Palais Versailles), where is located 18 km’s away from the city. Again, you will not be waiting in the long ticket lines since your tickets will have been arranged. Built by the King Louis XIV, this magnificent palace from 18th century has become an example for many palaces in the world; for its size, architecture, decorations and the landscape of its garden. You will visit, see and learn regarding the magnificent halls, the rooms and garden. And not to forget the famous balcony where Marie Antoinnet addressed to the public, “let them eat cake if they can not find bread”, before the French Revolution started. In the second leg of our tour, we will drive 45 minutes further away from Paris and visit a surreally beautiful village of Normandy; Giverny. Here you will visit the house and the gardens of famous painter Claude Monet, who spent his 43 years in this paradise. Here you will see the gardens where Monet painted oftenly and you will feel yourself like in a Monet painting. (This tour will be realized by a private tour guide living in Paris).

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If you need a private tour guide in Paris please contact us below;

Private Tour Guide In Paris, Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower

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