Istanbul City Tour

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Istanbul City Tour Istanbul City Tour; Istanbul is a city of 16 million population, founded on two continents, capital of four empires (Byzantium, East Latin Empire, Roman and Ottoman) and therefore it is difficult to choose just one kind of city tour. It is also impossible to have an idea regarding this huge city, only … Read more

Which Bosphorus Cruise Tour In Istanbul?

Bosphorus Cruise Tour In Istanbul

Which Bosphorus Cruise Tour In Istanbul? Bosphorus Cruise Tour In Istanbul; a trip to Istanbul will always be incomplite without a proper Bosphorus cruise tour. Bosphorus is the most beautiful region of Istanbul and unfortunately many visitors can not enjoy it by joining cheap cruise tours that one even can not find a seat to … Read more

Best Walking Tours In Istanbul

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Best Walking Tours In Istanbul Best Walking Tours In Istanbul; the walking tour program at this page is scheduled as DAY 2. You can skip to DAY 1, here (Essential Sights Of Istanbul). Istanbul, as being the capital city of Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman Empire, is a very large city with countless historical and touristic attractions. … Read more

Istanbul Walking Tour

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Istanbul Walking Tour Istanbul Walking Tour; Istanbul is one of the few cities in the world being so large and at the same time so reach in terms of  history, culture, social life and gastronomy. However, the average overnight of visitors to Istanbul are 3 or 4 nights and of course this is never enough. … Read more

Private Tour Guide In Istanbul

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Private Tour Guide In Istanbul Private Tour Guide In Istanbul; if you are looking for a private & licenced tour guide or private car rental with a driver in Istanbul contact us here. If you are planning a visit to Istanbul or to other touristic destinations like Cappadocia, Ephesus / Kusadasi, Antalya, Edirne, Ankara we recommend you … Read more

Istanbul Arabic Speaking Tour Guide

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Istanbul Arabic Speaking Tour Guide Istanbul Arabic Speaking Tour Guide; hello and welcome to our beautiful city. I’ve been learning Arabic language for three months and also studying tourist guiding at a university in Turkey. If you are looking for an Arabic speaking guide in Istanbul I would be more than happy to accompany you … Read more

Marmara Island

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Marmara Island The Marmara Island (“Marmara Adasi” in Turkish,  and “Elafonesos, Proikonnisos Neuris in ancient languages) is the largest island among the Archipelago of Marmara located in the southwest of the Marmara Sea in Turkey.  Administratively, along with the nearby Avşa, Pasalimani and Ekinlik Islands, Marmara Island belongs to Balikesir Province.  It’s the the second largest … Read more