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Destinations, Travel Suggestions, Tickets, Private Guides, Private Tours...

Prices & Tickets For 4×4 Desert Safari In Dubai

Prices & Tickets For 4×4 Desert Safari In Dubai

Prices & Tickets For 4×4 Desert Safari In Dubai; (Click to see the safari prices) Among the places to visit and to do in Dubai, may be, the most enjoyable activity is to spend a day in the desert. This activity currently is one of the two most popular activities, along with visiting “Burj Khalifa”. The tour programs for “desert safari” do not consist of the safari only; includes some other activities like camel ride and barbeque in the desert etc. Of course, the most enjoyable part of this tour is the safari with 4×4 vehivles, among the red dunes of the desert.

dubai'de jeeplerle 4x4 çölde safari ve deve turu

Prices & Tickets For 4×4 Desert Safari In Dubai

What time do desert safari tours start and how long do they last?

The desert where the safari took place is about 1 hour away from Dubai city center and the whole program takes about 7 hours. Tours usually start in the afternoon but there is still some action in the morning. If you don’t want to join the camp, there are also shorter tour programs such as 3-4 hours.

dubai çölde yemekli safari turu

What to do during a desert safari?

These safari tours are carried out with a professional driver with a special license. Depending on the program you choose, the duration of the tour varies between 3.5 and 7 hours, of which about 1 or 2 hours will be spent driving on the dunes, of course, you will also have the opportunity to take amazing photos and walk barefoot on the sand. You can also take pictures with desert people who live in the desert and traditionally hunt with falcons.

Is camel ride safe?

But everything aside, for most people, perhaps the most enjoyable activity of the tour will be a camel ride 🙂 and, yes, camel riding is quite safe (unless you have any special health problem). While you are riding a camel in the desert, evening will begin, and the sand dunes and the horizon will turn into a unique color of fire. We recommend that you take the opportunity to photograph this magnificent moment. Then, as it starts to get dark, we will head to a campsite in the desert. There are many such campsites in the desert in Dubai, and many of them are quite similar. However, some are more luxurious and some are more modest. The quality of the camp determines the price of the tour you join. In these camps, you can taste barbecue food, or sit on cushions on the ground and watch a belly dancer show.

Finally, you will get back to your vehicle to return to your hotel at around 10 pm, again with your guide driver. you are tired.

dubaide 4x4 safari turları


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